SystemCommand cfm


// use java utility SystemCommand which kills task properly after timeout
// and throw an Exception then
<cfset cmd = createObject("java","").init()>
<cfset command = "cmd.exe /C #mkvdk_exe_script# >> #resultLog# 2>&1">
<cfset envp = arraynew(1)>
<cfset timeoutAsAString = "3600000">
<cfset cwd = "F:\logfile\application\searchlog\mkvdk\doc\">
<cfset result = cmd.execute(command, envp, timeoutAsAString, cwd)>
<!--- ignore timeout and continue, to allow index the next batch --->


Fix Windows 10 Windows Media Player

Album Info Search fails with Website not found

Start regedit.exe
Navigate to “Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\TunerConfig”
Look for PREFERREDMETADATAPROVIDER – it should have a value “pmpMusicMatch”
Edit the setting PREFERREDMETADATAPROVIDER, and clear the value so you have a blank value
Save / exit regedit.exe
Restart Windows Media Player, you should be restored back to