Perl: pronouncable passwords

#! /usr/bin/perl

# Barton Chittenden, July 28, 2004
# Creates a random, pronouncable word. Each word is made of
# 3, 4 or 5 pairs of consonant-groups and vowels. The consonant-
# group may be a single consonant or a pair of consonants like
# 'ch', 'sh' or 'th'.

use strict;

my @vowels = ("a", "e", "i", "o", "u");
my @consonants = ( "b", "c", "d", "f", "g", "j", "k", "l", "m",
"n", "p", "r", "s", "t", "v", "w", "x", "y",
"b", "c", "d", "f", "g", "k", "l", "m", "n",
"n", "p", "r", "s", "t", "w", "s", "y",
"z", "ch", "sh", "th", "ch", "sh", "th");
my $wordlen = int(rand 3) + 2;
for(my $i = 0; $i < $wordlen; $i++){
print $consonants[int(rand scalar(@consonants))];
print $vowels[int(rand scalar(@vowels))];
print "\n";