Moving (again)

After a few weeks, i finally decided to move my PC stuff back to the room i used for it before and the TV back to the living room, so i can sleep in the old room again (it is quieter, except that my neighbours alarm clock tend to wake me up too… at 5:50 am… (which i still hope getting used to)… i was living near a church once and managed to sleep regardless of the bells… so… no?

Anyway here’s the space my Desk will be placed today =)



Long time not blogged… uuuhm… was normal busy thought, now finally a new post and a photo 😉


It’s a very nice Saturday in November 2013. Currently out walking/hiking and having a break, thinking about things. Guess there is no need to go to deep into details now, there are just a few things ongoing in my life i do not like at the moment.
But well, always look forward and think positive 🙂

Oh, today at 5pm there will be a radio show hosted by me: Komet on Kanal K. It’s about concerts and other events happening today and tomorrow. One is Schertenlaib & Jegerlehner, presenting their show tonite in Wohlen. I don’t really know them, but i guess they are pretty funny from what i heard so far.

The radio show btw. is not presented live this time. I recorded it yesterday (and one part of it will be inserted only today, because that part was not delivered in time), right before i went to the Cinema in Aarau for the new “Thor”. Movie is ok, actually i’d say i liked it. Story was okay and on top the FX are just brilliant.

So, i think that’s all for the moment. I hope this post will publish correctly, since it’s typed on my new Galaxy S4 and a new App. 🙂